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How to Win at Sic Bo

The game of Craps uses only two dice and, considering the many combinations that are possible, it is challenging to find winning strategies with two dice.

How about the interesting game of Sic-Bo that uses three dice? The combinations are much more intriguing, aren't they?

Sic-Bo, like many gambling games, is a game of pure chance. There are no clear cut tactics or strategies we can recommend.

Some players rely on luck. Others stick with choosing bets with the best odds.

If you want to stick with the best odds, the following table will help you understand which bets give the house the lowest advantage. The lowest house advantage means you will win more often.

Sic-Bo Bet Type House Edge
Single Number bet 7.87
Two Number Combination bet 16.67
Triplet bet 16.20
Any triplet bet 30.56
Pair bet 33.33
Small bet 2.78
Big bet 2.78
4 or 17 (three number total bet) 15.28
5 or 16 13.89
6 or 15 16.67
7 or 14 9.72
8 or 13 12.50
9 or 12 18.98
10 or 11 12.50

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